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For 25 years John Armato has played jazz and commercial music in Kansas City, New York City, and now, Northern California. From concerts and shows to night clubs and private parties, from recording sessions and Russian tours to polka festivals and police circuses, from river boats and churches to -- of course -- weddings and bar mitzvahs, he's been there and played that. Known for his taste and sensitivity on ballads as well as his strong sense of swing, Armato is in his  element on standards, straight-ahead jazz, Basie-style big band charts, and light Latin styles. Armato is based in Sacramento and is available for gigs ithroughout Northern California. Follow Armato on Facebook and Twitter. Read his full bio ...


Wall art for drummers

I'm a big fan of mid-century modern art. (Not surprisingly, that's also my favorite period of music, the era of classic Miles and Brubeck and other "cool" greats.) As a long-time graphic designer (in addition to my PR career, music career and other pursuits) I recently started designing art inspired by both the visual style and sounds of that era.

The art is now available as posters, canvases or framed prints here.

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First Thoughts on First Day of First NAMM

As a musician, I've known about NAMM for years, but until this year, I never had an opportunity to attend. With many, many thanks to REMO for making me their guest, I'm here in my hotel room at the Hilton in Anaheim, nursing ridiculously sore feet from a day of way more musical information, sights and sounds than I can process. For my fellow drummers curious what the industry themes, trends and offerings are this year, and for other musicians curious about the NAMM experience in general, I offer the following, somewhat stream of conciousness thoughts on what I've seen so far, along with a feed of my TwitPic photos at the end of this post.

First, some misc. kudos and credits ...

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Merry Swingin' Christmas and a Hip and Happy New Year