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For 25 years John Armato has played jazz and commercial music in Kansas City, New York City, and now, Northern California. From concerts and shows to night clubs and private parties, from recording sessions and Russian tours to polka festivals and police circuses, from river boats and churches to -- of course -- weddings and bar mitzvahs, he's been there and played that. Known for his taste and sensitivity on ballads as well as his strong sense of swing, Armato is in his  element on standards, straight-ahead jazz, Basie-style big band charts, and light Latin styles. Armato is based in Sacramento and is available for gigs ithroughout Northern California. Follow Armato on Facebook and Twitter. Read his full bio ...

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Taye Collective Artist Program

Kind of fun -- I'm featured (for now anyway) on Taye Drums new "Taye Collective Artist Program." It's not an endorsement, but rather a way for Taye to feature everyday players who use their instruments. I play a Taye GoKit for jazz gigs, rehearsals and quick jobs. It really is a terrific instrument: half-depth shells, birch/basswood construction for enhanced tone and low-end, easy in-and-out with the whole kit fitting in three manageable gigbags. It looks to some like a toy, but it really sounds amazingly full. In fact, I've even recorded with it. Check out excerpts from "Claudette."


Love REMO's new "Skyntone" head

In July I was at a board meeting for VanderCook College of Music and enjoyed talking with fellow board member, Brock Kaericher, president of REMO. Brock told me about REMO's new Skyntone heads and I've been eager ever since to try them out.

I played a jazz/swing show last night with Dick Johnson and Claudette Stone and had my chance. I put a Skyntone on my Yamaha 14" x 5.5" steel snare. For my fellow jazz drummers out there, the verdict is: HOME RUN.

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